Building an Engaged Community
with Cattitude

Case Study | Nestlé Purina

Choosing the Best Tool for Social Media Intelligence

Nestlé Purina Canada prides itself on innovative and engaging marketing that leverages pet owners’ excitement about their pets.

A top priority for Gabriel Mederos, Nestlé Purina Canada’s Manager of Public Relations and Corporate Affairs, was to improve the way that the company used social media to promote Purina brands. He found that Sysomos best provided what the team needed: monitoring, comprehensive analysis, and detailed reports. Reliable regional data mining was a big differentiator.


In this case study, learn how Nestlé Purina Canada uses Sysomos, to monitor its Feed the Cattitude campaign and nurture customer engagement by delivering relevant content.

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Creating a Community with Cattitude

Nestlé Purina Canada’s brand team started using Sysomos to monitor Feed the Cattitude, an integrated campaign involving
television spots, a landing page, a mobile app, and a Facebook page. Purina hoped to use Sysomos to immediately tap into conversation trends on the Feed the Cattitude Facebook page and on other social media venues.

Sysomos showed the team what topics generated the most conversation and engagement. Sysomos’ sentiment engine helped ensure the tone stayed positive. When the brand team encountered a few customer service issues, it passed them to the right department so they could be addressed quickly.

With Sysomos, the team monitored industry trends and competitors and listened to relevant conversations. It then integrated
these trends into the upcoming editorial calendar, creating content aligned with users’ interests and needs.

We’ve been extremely happy with Sysomos, so much so that we’re starting to be
ambassadors for it with other Nestlé companies.

Gabriel Mederos – Public Relations Manager

Leading Social Media Engagement by Example

By creating relevant content, engagement levels grew compared with global Nestlé pages, even when the communities were
small. Feed the Cattitude rose to the top five most-engaged Facebook pages, as measured by SocialBakers.

Many of Nestlé Purina Canada’s brands identify social media as a tool they want to use more in the future. The Public Relations department issued a mandate for the coming year: no brand will launch a social media program without listening to the conversation first. For instance, Purina applied what it learned from the Feed the Cattitude campaign to re-launch the Purina National Dog Show Facebook page.

Using Sysomos to listen to conversations about dog shows gave Purina insights to incorporate into future Facebook posts. Mederos predicts that in the future Sysomos will play a big role in enabling other Purina brands to launch their social media presence, making it easy for them to identify the content and tone that the brands should create to drive sales and engagement

Sysomos gives us so much of the functionality we are looking for.
It’s been a very efficient and effective tool.

Gabriel Mederos – Public Relations Manager


Nestlé Purina Canada’s marketing department needed to improve its brand’s social media presence in Canada, create successful promotions, and build an engaged community of fans. One of its main challenges was targeting and listening to Canadian customers on social media rather than all North America.


Sysomos, powered by Sysomos, reveals Canada-specific social media conversations, pinpointing the topics that generate the most interest and engagement. Nestlé Purina Canada uses these insights to integrate current, relevant content into existing and new promotions on Twitter and Facebook.


Nestlé Purina Canada increases the impact of its paid search investment by aligning search terms with customer interest. It also grows engagement measurably; Feed the Cattitude ranks among the top five most-engaged Facebook pages.

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