“Being able to see those numbers and provide context to them is absolutely driving our social activity today”

Lauren Harper – Sr. Manager B2B Content & Social Marketing

Finding Audience Insights to Inform Advertisers

As one of the world’s largest internet radio and music streaming platforms, Pandora is an in-demand destination for would-be advertisers looking to get their message to a massive audience of the apps users. To stay attractive to advertisers Pandora relies on a B2B content and social team to ensure potential advertisers know about Pandora’s advertising offerings, but also to arm current advertisers with insights about the Pandora community so they can be more effective with their efforts.

In this case study we talk with Lauren Harper, Senior Manager B2B Content and Social Marketing at Pandora, to learn how they use the Sysomos Platform to research their audience and uncover insights about them that can help inform their advertisers strategy.

We really use data to drive all the activity we do

We’re able to engage and interact with people on a whole different level

Using social data is absolutely pivotal in order to grow and succeed

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“Sysomos on a weekly basis helps us deliver against the KPIs we’re looking at on social. We are really trying to drive the awareness of our Pandora for Brands, so we are using Sysomos on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to really analyze who those people are that are interacting with us”

Lauren Harper
Senior Manager B2B Content and Social Marketing

Pandora for Brands