“Sysomos as a partner is invaluable to us. What we’re able to do is really effectively and efficiently get to insights quicker than we were able to. We’re able to leverage those insights and turn things around quicker.”

Director of Social Media – Executive Vice President, Digital and Creative

Spectrum Science and Using Social Data for Healthcare and Pharma Clients

As an agency specializing in servicing the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry, Spectrum Science was one of the industries early and most successful agencies. Recently celebrating 20 years of award winning service with a Sabre Award as the 2016 ‘Healthcare Agency of the Year’ by the Holmes Report, Spectrum Science is continuing to turn heads with their work. Considering their clients industries revolve around data backed insights, it comes as no surprise that Spectrum Science takes a similar approach when providing social media services for their clients, and one of the many reasons why they rely on the Sysomos platform.

In this case study we hear from Robert Oquendo, Executive Vice President, Digital and Creative at Spectrum Science. He discusses how their partnership with Sysomos helps them deliver services to their clients and support marketing, communication and research for multi-billion dollar companies. Whether it’s performing influencer audits, doing competitive landscape analysis, or traditional social listening, You’ll hear how Robert and his team rely on Sysomos for the real time insights they need when interacting with clients, you’ll also hear about how Spectrum Science is staying on top of trends in social marketing with research on how various communities on social media – like patients, caregivers, and HCPs – discuss relevant topics to their clients.

In terms of social data we use it every time; from pitches, through to execution

Its not about charging more but how do you do more, with the same budgets

The future is in the next level of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence

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In terms of social data use we use it every time; from new business pitching all the way through to actual execution.

Robert Oquendo – Executive Vice President, Digital and Creative