Creating Dynamic Content Utilizing Social Conversations to Drive Repeat Readership

Case Study | The Atlantic

In April 2013, the Securities Exchange Commission announced that investment information could be shared through social media, in compliance with Regulation Fair Disclosure.

The opportunity: to transition stock related conversations into the social sphere creating an appealing opportunity that meshed perfectly with the inquisitive nature of the investors at E*TRADE, a US financial services company.

Pitching the idea to E*TRADE, the Atlantic illustrated how sharing unique content on social media would broaden their audience and allow readers to easily learn about current trends in the stock market. The team at E*TRADE was very receptive.


In this case study, learn how The Atlantic put social intelligence at
the heart of their branded
content campaign.

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The Data Challenge

Finding a partner who could provide the vast volume of data required to build their dashboard was vital. The project required analysis of tens-of thousands of mentions on 500 unique topics, and full notation of the original sources.

Only Sysomos’ ad-hoc search capabilities and platform scalability was able to meet the requirement demand. Utilizing Sysomos’ agile API, The Atlantic built out a robust, full-featured and interactive dashboard that gave visitors a unique ability to see the correlation between social media mentions and stock prices in a visual way. The uniqueness of this solution resulted in significant traffic to the website.

Grabbing the attention of readers and viewers with our content is more challenging now than ever. It’s important for us to meet that challenge with new and creative content executions.

Jeremy Elias – Director, Atlantic Re:Think

How it Works

  • The Twitter conversations driving the chatter around each stock
  • An interactive “Buzz Graph” that connects reoccuring words across stock chatter
  • A 7-day graph disclosing social mentions overlaid with stock performance
  • A geographic breakdown of where these conversations are generated
  • A sentiment analysis graph of whether the chatter is positive, negative, or neutral

Sysomos also provides insight on:

The dashboard gives potential E*TRADE investors a hands-on way of exploring the intersection of social data and investing.

The Sysomos API distills millions of online conversations happening around each and every stock in the S&P 500 every day. Pulling data every 24 -hours, this powerful program determines the daily ‘Top 10 Trending Stocks’ in all social chatter.


The Atlantic wanted dynamic “Top 10” content to drive repeat readership. E*TRADE aimed to engage current and potential customers through a program that illustrated the emerging use of social data in investing.


The Atlantic worked with Sysomos’ API to synthesize all mentions of 500 unique topics and visualize them in an actionable dashboard all in real time.


A program that reached over 40,000 users.

Get more than insights, get business results.

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