“The reason why Sysomos and W2O Group have been great partners now for a number of years, is because we need each other to evolve.”

Bob Pearson – President, Chief Innovation Officer

W2O Group and Their Long Partnership with Sysomos

W2O Group has solidified itself as one of North America’s most innovative and successful agencies. With a reputation for continually exploring new frontiers for their clients, they use new technology and deeply integrate data into their services to offer a truly unique agency experience. For many years Sysomos has worked closely with W2O Group to develop solutions that can help support their innovative services and projects for clients.

In this case study we hear from Bob Pearson, President and Chief Innovation Officer for W2O Group as well as noted social media author, speaker and expert. Bob discusses how they use social media data in new and interesting ways to help solve problems for clients like Redbull and others. He also discusses how insights on audience architecture are becoming an increasing expectation from clients and how social media data is changing the way agencies approach campaign planning and measuring.

We look at Sysomos as a company that knows how to aggregate data

They make it easier for us to innovate on top of what they provide us

That’s the kind of thing you can do when you’re using the right platform

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We look at Sysomos not so much as a listening platform but a company that knows how to aggregate data, present it in new forms, and make it easier for us to innovate on top of it.

Bob Pearson – President, Chief Innovation Officer