Social Solutions for Customer Care

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Social care is more than customer service. It’s marketing.

Social marketing doesn’t end after your prospects become customers. Use social to educate consumers about your brand, provide product support and training, troubleshoot service issues, route conversations for one-on-one agent follow-up, and feed conversation data back into your CRM to provide a more holistic customer care experience. Sysomos’ social media management solutions simplify community management and customer service to help you build relationships and brand loyalty.

Since the inception of my team and adopting Sysomos, we’ve seen a huge increase in online customer satisfaction. Gone are the days of “”You don’t care!”” This has given us the tools we need to transform that into “”Thank you for caring!”

Joshua K.
Customer Care Community Manager
Garmin International

Our social solutions to help customer care teams to:

Scale Customer Care

Create and control experiences for any type of customer

Optimize Workflows

Smart workflow features so no engagement is missed

Streamline Reporting

Automate reporting to help spot risks and opportunities on the fly

Speed Response Time

Win or retain customers by responding quickly and effectively

Find Influencers

Find key influencers and track engagement with them

Optimize Performance

Build a global view of customer experience touch points

Customer Experience Teams Rely on Sysomos

Take a look at how these companies are using Sysomos customer experience solutions and seeing success.

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Solutions to Help You Streamline Customer Engagement

With the influx of customer mentions, a strong social care program requires carefully crafted coordination. Sysomos gives you the power to monitor all mentions to create an effective response management system with measurable customer service SLAs. Learn more about our social customer experience offerings.

Customer Engagement

Engage with customers across owned and earned channels to improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty. < Learn more

Governance & Workflow

Accommodate small to large social teams in a single system with customizable screens based on user roles. < Learn more

Automated Reporting

Aggregate daily or lifetime social metrics on owned channels to measure engagements and performance < Learn more

Deliver Flawless Customer Experience For Your Brand